Barrell Bourbon Batch 004


SKU 02596


Bursts of sea salt and slowly cooked peach preserves give way to smoldering Turkish tobacco across your tongue. Dark toasted English Muffins served sizzling hot, smeared with both lemon marmalade and sweet French butter immediately comes into view. This sweetness dissipates into dried licks of cedar-tinged lead pencil shavings. There is assertiveness to each sip; this whiskey is both sophisticated and confident. The Bourbon #004 merely whispers the 116.7 proof with raw honey in the finish that eventually leads to a long and salty peanut brittle ending. Appearance: Robust and amber hued, thickly textured across the tongue and indulgent in the pour. Nose: Cast iron pan cooked cornbread right up front, slathered with hand-crushed Tellicherry peppercorns and served alongside slowly barbequed turkey wings. Palate: Crushed limestone redolent with firm- yet well balanced hints of Caribbean baking spices and deeply scented peach butter across the tongue and lips. Finish: Both luxurious and pertinent with a finish that turns quickly into dribs of saddle leather and deeper notes of burning tobacco.
Category Bourbon
Country United States
Region Kentucky
Brand Barrell Bourbon
Alcohol/vol 58.35%