Barrell Whiskey Cask Strength Batch #4

Barrell Whiskey Cask Strength Batch #4

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Appearance: Sun dried golden hay at the edges meets deep, viscous butterscotch legs that meld into the burnished copper core. Spins of the wrist flick light through and across yielding bursts of gold.​ Nose: Sweet tropical fruits mixed with deeply saturated wood and banana leaves. Lingering vanilla and freshly crushed sugar cane melts into corn fritters and citrus oil. Palate: Creamy milk sugar and caramelized plantains abound amidst smoky homemade butterscotch pudding. Richly textured, each sip leads to a drying finish that surprises and delights. Finish: Cascading smoke and fat coat the inside of the mouth. Roasted grapefruit and sweet and tangy lemon curd follow providing a sumptuous end that you will want to repeat.
Category Whiskey
Country United States
Region Kentucky
Brand Barrell Whiskey